Quality Assurance Control, Management, and Reporting Systems


MRA Technologies offers three quality-related packages:

  • Incoming and Outgoing Inspection
  • Work in Progress QA Tracking
  • Document Control and Management

Incoming and Outgoing Inspection


Mipsis Quality Control and Tracking Software provides the capability to plan the inspection of incoming materials and outgoing products. Mipsis determines the level of inspection based on the past inspection results, calculates the PPM rates, and retains defect records and CAR (Corrective Action Request) records.


Work In Progress QA Tracking


Galileo Quality Checking/Assurance records quality data at the source and uses statistical process control tools to create control charts, Pareto charts, histograms, process capability indices, and parts per million (PPM) calculations.
1-5 User license: $15,750 including annual support, installation, and training (not including travel expenses). Other licenses available.


Document Control and Management


Mipsis Document Control Software provides full "document life cycle" management in accordance with ISO9000 requirements. It provides the ability to route the document for approval, and retain controlled documents and document links. Compacts and stores documents in SQL database (SQL Server is required).


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