Route Accounting software minimizes inefficiencies such as missed and unnecessary stops, extraneous vehicle inventories, and manual inventory/order processes. It is engineered from the perspectives of both front office management and route delivery/sales people. It is modular to allow an extremely flexible and scalable solution based on the unique needs of each customer.


Route Accounting PC


Route Accounting PC is a software tool for the Microsoft ® Windows ® NT/2000/XP operating systems designed to help you store, track and manage your routes, customers, items, pricing groups, pay method discounts, orders, and more. It offers an efficient means of controlling and communicating this data to and from handheld computers running Route Accounting CE and/or Route Accounting for WorkAbout.


Route Accounting PC Features and Benefits

  • Master Route Template for building and scheduling daily routes, as well as cut, paste, or remove stops from any given route and day.
  • Maintains calculated average of items that need to be loaded onto each route vehicle, for each customer, for each route, for each day. Items to load for a given route are downloaded to the handheld computer(s) along with the daily list of stops. The route salesperson simply follows the loading prompts displayed.
  • Secondary loading method for companies that use a designated person to load route vehicles.
  • Built-in communications allow quick downloads of critical route information to each route person's hand held computer (i.e., daily stops, updated pricing groups, driver notes, etc.).
  • A selection of standard "quick" reports (i.e., Load/Vehicle Report, Master Routes Report, Daily Routes Report, etc.) are available with just a couple of mouse clicks. A powerful, built-in custom report generator allows users to create and save their own reports using multiple sort range options and filter selections.
  • Standard ASCII file gateway included for uploading/downloading information to and from other host accounting systems.

Route Accounting CE & Route Accounting for WorkAbout


You can choose to operate Route Accounting on the Psion WorkAbout platform or the Windows CE platform. An intuitive graphical user interface provides quick access to functions such as order creation, route/customer sequencing, tracking of returns and deposits, on-the-fly order editing capabilities, receipt printing, tracking vehicle inventories, order/sales reports, and much more.
Both software packages support a wide array of peripherals including multiple printer types, desktop and vehicle docking stations, bar code scanners (integrated or tethered), dial-in modem solutions, IrDA, DEX/UCS, and wireless LAN/WAN communications.


Route Accounting CE/Route Accounting for WorkAbout Features & Benefits

  • Multiple ways to perform and track the loading of vehicles
  • Daily routes can run from a sequenced Stop List
  • Track inventory on your vehicles (remote warehouses), returns, reloads, leftover items from previous day(s), and more
  • Add non-scheduled stops to your daily Stop List on-the-fly
  • Assign customers to pricing groups (making your item pricing updates faster), or use the customer/item database for customer-specific pricing, volume discounts, etc.
  • Display route notes for customer/route specific information


  • Create and edit orders; print invoices and reports
  • Support for on-the-fly "miscellaneous customer" order creation
  • Stores history of three previous order quantities for each customer
  • Track expenses, ROAs, deposits/rentals, and assets
  • Route salespeople can create, save, print, and upload notes that they collect regarding a customer account
  • Integrated inventory module for capturing inventory counts of "route related" items within your remote warehouses or other storage locations, including lot traceability
  • Multi-level password protection (none, partial, or full)
  • Audit trail for edits to orders, databases, reprints of invoices, etc.
  • Built-in software for modem-based file transfers
  • Optional DEX/UCS for direct store delivery via electronic file transfers
  • Optional support for wireless docking of Route Accounting CE devices
  • Optional real-time transaction processing via wireless WAN

Highly Configurable


The Route Accounting system can be utilized for many different types of route accounting applications from dairy, snack, ice, and beverage delivery, to hardware, automotive parts, and medical distribution. Furthermore, each portable computer can be used to perform different tasks.

  • Route Delivery Field
  • Equipment Maintenance
  • Inventory Control
  • Catalog Ordering
  • Route Fulfillment
  • Asset Tracking
  • Communications Invoicing and Payment
  • Collection
  • Sales Order Entry
  • Route Vehicle Loading
  • Vehicle Expenses
  • Audit Reports


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