About MRA Technologies


MRA Technologies was founded in 1992 by a staff with extensive experience in business process engineering, customer support, project management, bar code hardware engineering, and software development and implementation.


Today, MRA is an inventory control solution provider specializing in integrating, implementing, installing, and supporting inventory management systems for all sizes of businesses.


We have customers in every state, and in Canada and Mexico. Our customers range in size from small family businesses to Fortune 500 companies.


We are equally comfortable and adept at implementing a system for a one-person stockroom or for a major distribution center with thousands of shelves and pallets.

MRA specializes in the use of automatic identification technologies (such as bar code and RF ID) to help make workers more productive and accurate. As an independent systems integrator, we have over 10,000 hardware and software products we can bring to bear in meeting our clients' unique needs.


MRA is a Woman-owned business (WBE) and is registered with the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) Central Contractor Registry (CCR).


Our Mission


Our mission is to help our customers solve problems in inventory control and asset tracking with the appropriate and timely application of hardware, software, services and knowledge of sound business practices.


Our Values


MRA is built on a set of strong ethical values, which extend to every part of our business in every way:

  • We owe it to our customers to be competent, responsive, and fair
  • We are committed to providing only those solutions that are appropriate to our customers' requirements and budgets
  • We derive satisfaction and joy from the effort we put into our work, and from the real value we provide to our customers
  • We are in business to satisfy our clients, to make money, to have fun, and to create a community of customers, business partners, and employees


Why MRA Technologies?


MRAbrings years ofproject management, business analysis, and systems integration experience to the fields of asset management and production and inventory control.

MRA is committed to helping you purchase the appropriate software, hardware and services you need -- delivered on budget and on schedule.

Sometimes you need a trusted advisor to help you identify the right solution to your business problems. MRA Technologies is there to help you work through this.

As your business grows, we can support your ongoing system needs, including additional scanning equipment; bar code printers, labels, and ribbons; and additional software licenses. We are your quick, friendly, economical source for all of this, and more.


A Word About Pricing


At MRA, we recognize that every dollar of your budget is precious. We offer software and hardware at highly competitive pricing.


Keep in mind that MRA does more than sell boxes. We offer the experience, commitment and expertise that will help you get the best return on your investment. After all, when did a box solve a business problem?


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