Check In/Check Out for Managing Both Non-consumables and Consumables


Non-consumables include tools, office equipment, main stores, laboratory equipment, which needs to be checked out and checked back in. These systems also track and manage consumable stock.

Choose from MS Access-based CheckTrack or DB4-based ToolMate. Priced from $2K.

Stock Room Management (Consumables) Tracking Systems


Consumables managed in the stock room include raw materials, lab supplies, office supplies, nails - anything which will not be returned. Non-consumables include items which will be returned -- like tools -- which need to be checked in and out.


  • StockTrack to receive and dispense consumables , as well as report inventory counts. About $1.5K
  • CheckTrack to track the location and usage of tools, office equipment, main stores. About $2K.


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