ToolMate for Tracking Non-consumable Items


ToolMate is a DB4-based application which makes your toolroom into a library. Scan a bar coded badge, and scan the bar codes on the tools, and ToolMate knows who has those tools. And so do you.


Tools can be construction tools, maintenance tools, instruments, communication gear, or anything that shouldn't get lost. Badges can represent people, departments, work stations, or anyone that loses things.


  • Three classes of tools
  • High value tools, tracked individually
  • Low value tools, tracked by part number
  • Expendables, tracked by quantity on hand
  • Overdue reporting
  • Complete audit trail
  • Reservation system
  • Tickler date
  • Multiple key cross reference
  • Key word search

Data collection can take place at a PC, at many stations on a LAN, and/or everywhere using a portable data collection terminal.


Licenses available from single PC user to unlimited PC and portable users.



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