Business Workflow Analysis


By performing a business workflow analysis, MRA can help you identify the applications for tracking technology that will provide the most immediate and quantifiable return on investment for your business.


Business workflow analysis is a collaborative process involving the people who currently do the work; those with the vision of how best to do the work; technical people who know how technology can support that vision; and a facilitator to help all those involved reach a rapid and appropriate conclusion as to the best ways to optimize the workflow.

Business workflow analysis includes documenting each step in each workflow (e.g., receiving, putaway, picking, shipping, physical inventory, etc.) for the current and desired workflows. Often this is done by following each operator through their day-to-day work and noting each step in the current process, then meeting with "expert" operators and documenting the process; and finally designing an optimized process. Knowledge of business process flow analysis, meeting facilitation, and best practices is mandatory to guide this process.

Not all software systems are created equally when it comes to supporting human workflows. Some are "configurable" and some require custom program modifications. Often, human workflows need to conform to the way the software works -- and interestingly enough, some of the most expensive systems are the least flexible.

MRA can help identify the solution that will best support your desired workflow. We also provide business workflow analysis coaching and facilitation. Optimizing the software and workflows to create the best possible collaboration between human needs and technology requires expertise in both the industry and the software -- and that's what you get when you do business with MRA.


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