Inventory Management for QuickBooks And So Much More...


QuickBooks is a good general ledger accounting system. QBInventory turns it into an inventory control and point of sale system, as well.


QBInventory lets you manage and control your inventory - quantity and location, purchase order and sales order generation, light manufacturing, assembly, cycle counting, point of sale, etc. while QuickBooks continues handling the accounting functions.


BOM - Bill of Materials- QBInventory has a multi-level Bill of Materials capability that can be used for light manufacturing or assembly. BOM allows definition of all components that go into creating a product. OR if you sell products that have multiple, optional modifications then QBInventory's Configurator feature will allow you to define those custom configurations on the fly and will even print up an estimate of the total price. Once the proper configuration has been selected, QBInventory will automatically create a Work Order to have the product manufactured/assembled.


Manufacture/Assemble: indicate the product to be built and click the Manufacture button. Product quantity is automatically incremented and parts used to build it are automatically decremented.
Sell, Pick, Ship: a completed sales order turns into a pick ticket. When the carton(s) are shipped, all shipping information including the weight, cost, carrier, and tracking number are recorded.


Purchase and Receive: when receiving, accept/
reject/ scrap product and indicate reasons; record serial numbers, lot numbers; indicate who to deliver package to.


Cycle Count: Using a personal data terminal, you simply scan the bin, count the product, enter the quantity and move on to the next bin. Any inventory discrepancies are then automatically recorded within QBInventory. No paper, no transcription errors, no hassles.


Customer Information: track multiple addresses, multiple contacts, default discount, group, and memos.


Vendor Information: track multiple addresses, multiple contacts, default discount, and equate vendor part number to company part number.


Flexible Price Tracking: track volume-based discounts on purchases and/or assign special pricing to whichever customers you like.


Additional QBInventory Features

  • Point of Sale totals and creates an invoice/receipt for on the spot sales.
  • Unit of Measure Conversions: Barrels to gallons, length to pounds, boxes to each -- as many Unit of Measure conversions as you need.
  • Track Additional Product Information: track serial number, special sizes, colors, costs, multiple vendors, etc.

QBInventory is scaleable and can grow with your company. It uses standard databases such as MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server, etc. and is written in Java and can run on any platform i.e. Windows, Mac, Linux, Novell, etc.



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