Galileo is a total manufacturing information system that can help your business reduce manufacturing costs. All critical data which is accessible by your vendors, your manufacturing shop floor, and your customers is integrated. The information you need to control manufacturing processes, quality of incoming material, and traceability of failures is all at your fingertips.


Galileo is a scaleable, open architecture, total manufacturing information system that users can configure according to their business' growing needs.


Features Functions Benefits
Real-time data collection and retrieval Data is collected and analyzed on a real-time basis Improve product quality through detection of problems
Graphical User Interface Data entry through mouse, bar-code scanners, and drop down menus Increase in data accuracy and speed
Microsoft Windows Based Communication through universal symbols and icons Cross language barriers and ease training of new personnel
Client/Server Architecture Improves processing speed and scalability Wide scale implementation and usage
Remote Site Data Retrieval Provides on-line data to customers and vendors Vendors and customers can receive on-line quality, availability, and shipment data
Customized Reports Unlimited querying capability and a seamless integration with other software tools Easy customization of reports to meet individual needs
On-line Quality Management On-line statistical process control tools Real-time monitoring of manufacturing process lowers operation costs by reducing rework/scrap
PC/Network Operates on a stand alone PC or can be networked Allows for lower cost of the initial system, and can be expanded for future growth


Real Time
Immediately upon each data entry statistical process control tools are updated. Those responsible for increasing the quality level of products manufactured have instant access to control charts, Pareto charts, histograms, process capability indices, and parts per million (PPM) calculations.

The Data Collection Module accepts quality data at the source, from operator or via automatic interfaces to the production equipment. On-line real time data entry and access is key to lowering manufacturing cost. Immediate detection and alerting personnel of urgent situations minimizes scrap and rework. On-screen messages and automatic paging devices notify both the manufacturing operator and technical support staff.


On-Line Documentation
In today's market, time to implement and engineering change (EC) is critical in meeting market demands. The Data Collection Module enables you to implement an EC across the manufacturing floor quickly. Work instructions, CAD drawings, manufacturing process instructions, and travelers can be on-line. Full motion video with sound can also be used to explain and depict complicated operations.


Open Architecture
The Galileo client/server architecture ensures scalability for virtually any size installation. The "back-end" utilizes industry-leading databases, such as Oracle, Sybase, or Microsoft SQL Server. The "front-end" runs under Microsoft Windows, Windows 95, or Windows NT and is completely integrated with the Windows environment. Galileo supports direct data exchange (DDE) and object linking and embedding (OLE) for integration with other applications and communication with manufacturing equipment.


Modular Design
Each program is optimized for specific tasks. The modular design of the program enables users to install only the modules needed for their unique operation. This keeps program complexity, user training, and implementation time to a minimum.


Standard modules:

  • Galileo Manager
  • Password Manager
  • Data Collection:Attribute, Variable, Reject Analysis, WIP Tracking Analysis

Optional Modules:

  • Custom Integration Programs

ISO 9000
Compliance with ISO 9000 is fast becoming a prerequisite for doing business. To ensure that on-going quality levels continue to increase with the demands of today's global market, a well defined information system to control shop floor activities and quality levels is critical.

Galileo can help in the following areas:

  • Quality System
  • Contract Review
  • Document and Data Control
  • Evaluation of Subcontractors
  • Control of Customer Supplied Product
  • Product Identification and traceability
  • Process control
  • Inspection and Test Status
  • Control of non conforming Product
  • Corrective and Preventive Action

Supplier Management


On-line access to suppliers' quality level is key in managing the quality of incoming material.


Galileo tracks the performance of parts by supplier through the process: both for material that requires inspection or is "dock to stock".


Information is available for monitoring and root cause analysis by supplier, commodity, part number, and assembly. Remote data access capability allows you to make on-line quality data available., under password control, to vendors or customers. Key manufacturing information can be shared with other manufacturing sites in real-time.


Gallileo Data Collection Module


This module is designed for production personnel in the collection of real-time quality data and work-in-process tracking.


This tool monitors your processes, allowing you to improve the quality of goods and services, and monitor material flow.


This module accepts quality data at the source, from the operator or via automatic interfaces to the automated test equipment.


Intelligent work stations accurately and easily collect shop floor information. The use of a bar code scanner, and mouse enhance the usability of the system. Data can also be entered directly from automated test equipment. Galileo automatically time stamps all data input, and implements drop down menus for ease of use and increased efficiency. Multi-level serial numbers and lot codes can be established and maintained through the use of serial numbers and product process history.


Galileo tracks quality data by operation, part number, date and time, and operator. Statistical trends and out-of-control situations are tracked and automatically displayed graphically with a warning message. Process status is displayed graphically. Data collected by the Data Collection Module can be further reviewed and analyzed through the Galileo Analysis Module.

Galileo Analysis Module


This module is a powerful management tool that can be used to monitor and troubleshoot manufacturing operations. Statistical Process Control (SPC) tools such as control charts, Pareto charts, histograms, PPM, and process capability calculations are used to decrease variability in manufacturing operations.


The Analysis Module integrates information across technical and departmental boundaries. This tool provides your personnel at all levels an encompassing view of manufacturing, empowering them to make informed decisions.

Information can be queried by product, station, date range, and many other filtering options. All charts include "hot chart" and drill-down features which provide more detailed information by clicking on a data point.


Queried data can then be displayed in a variety of visual formats. Charts, graphs, calculations, and raw data can be easily "cut and paste" into any Microsoft Windows application, eliminating redundant data entry. All charts and graphs can be customized to meet each user's specific needs.


Galileo is a trademark of S2I2


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