Warehouse Management, Inventory Management, and Inventory Control Systems


We offer warehouse inventory tracking and management for all sizes of businesses, warehouses, and budgets.


True, Full-Featured Warehouse Management Systems


ASCWMS is a scalable, full-featured, internet-ready warehouse management system with realtime updating. It competes with Tier 1 WMS systems, but is priced lower. Modular software supports manufacturing, warehouse distribution, and 3rd party (3PL) operations. It is both intuitive and well priced. Modules offer expanded capabilities, including multiple site processing. Base WMS module starts at $40K.

Warehouse Management Solutions

MRATrack WMS is a warehouse management solution with realtime updating offers SQL-based warehouse inventory tracking with portable handheld RF terminals. Starts at $5K.

MRATrack WMS Batch is an economical warehouse management solution with batch updating offers MSDE or SQL-based warehouse inventory tracking with portable handheld terminals. Starts at $3K for single user.

Inventory Management System

Modular Inventory System integrates with QuickBooks, Peachtree, or any ODBC database . Also available: multi-level bill of materials support, and integrated modules including sales order, purchase order, online inquiry, manufacturing and MRP. Starts at $3K.

Standalone Inventory Tracking Systems

MS Access-based InventoryTrack for maintaining physical count/location , from $2K.

DB4-based InventoryMate with purchase order issuing and receiving , from $2K.


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