ASCWMS Base Package

This SQL or Oracle -based warehouse management system includes the ability to interface to other databases. Briefly, other features include:

Receiving Module

  • Receive all inbound products against open Pos, ASNs, blind receipts, etc.
  • Compares expected receipts with received goods to report discrepancies.
  • Directed putaway to tell operator where to put received goods.

Picking Module

  • Optimized picking for efficiency and accuracy.
  • Directed picking to tell operator what to pick and the location from which to pick it.
  • Directed picking of both raw materials and finished goods.
  • Schedule customer orders, pickers, and dock doors.
  • Support for batch and wave picking, as well as many other picking variations/combinations.
  • Generate bills of lading, compliance shipping labels, and shipping reports.
  • Supports kitting and critical cross-docking.

Inventory Management Module

  • Zone control, replenishment, moves, repacks, and more.
  • Provides lot traceability, code date and expired date logic for FIFO.
  • Directs operators to conduct cycle and physical counts as part of regular daily work.
  • Features a no-shutdown "floating physical" count.
  • Extensive quality control functions.
    Hazardous materials handling functions.

System Manager Module

  • Real time operator direction and database updating via RF (radio frequency) portable data terminals.
  • Bar code label design and printing.
  • Standard reports and built-in customer report generator.
  • Wireless eDocuments for MSDS, QC, Production, and more.
  • Color coded file views, tree views, user-defined views, and more.
  • Customization through configuration and setup utilities.
  • Database utilities, security, and electronic help.
  • Business Gateway functions for import/export, scheduling, reporting, housekeeping, etc.

Additional Modules Available

  • eBusiness - for internet connectivity and ecapabilities.

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