Hey! Where's my document?


Questions like this come up every day in busy offices. You need immediate and accurate answers-MRA Technologies can provide you the tools. We can enable everyone in the company with the ability to locate documents!

Our complete solution, Internal Document Tracking, includes everything you need to automatically track documents and other items from the moment they are received or created. Internal Document Tracking provides complete accountability and tracking for every document-whatever the size of your organization.


Imagine knowing, with just a few clicks, the exact time and date an item was moved to a different location. You can even view the recipient's signature.


We configure Internal Document Tracking to match your current document tracking workflow. And, since it is a stand-alone system, it can be up and running in hours. (Click to see a sample screen shot.)


Using Internal Document Tracking, you can dramatically reduce urgent calls. You can allow everyone or selected users the ability to search for items via an intranet page. You can set Internal Document Tracking to automatically send email notifications to anyone from any point in your internal distribution process. And, you can allow users to flag urgent documents-so you'll know to handle them immediately.


If a question does arise about a document, simply and quickly query your own Internal Document Tracking database by tracking number, date, time, recipient, current location and more.




Offers Aecurity and Accountability

  • If no barcode exists, system can generate a barcode for any accountable item
  • Eliminates all paper trails, speeds up processing, improves overall productivity center and fully automates the document tracking process
  • Integrated tracking system for documents from any internal or external source.

Speeds Internal Processing, Eliminates Lost Items, and Provides Complete Accountability

  • Browser-based searches enable users to find instant answers to their document location questions via company intranet
  • Handheld scanner scans document tracking numbers to confirm receipt.
  • Date and time stamps document movements.
    Automatically displays special instructions for 'hot' documents.
  • 10 user-identifiable fields allow user to add categories or notes.
  • Automatically generates a crisp, clear internal bar code tracking label.
  • Automates Document Distribution: Quickly and easily marks sorted documents by route, building, site, or floor.
  • Downloads delivery route information to the handheld computer (shown above) with the click of a button.
  • Provides a real-time view of all scheduled deliveries for workflow planning.
  • Standard e-mail receipt notification to addressee.

Ensures Accurate, Timely Delivery

  • Portable electronic signature capture device confirms delivery.
  • Provides a real-time remote view of delivered, refused, and pending deliveries.
  • Closes the delivery loop with a simple upload of data from the portable signature capture device.
  • Prints a clear internal delivery manifest
  • Answers Delivery Questions Instantly
  • Locates documents easily in just seconds using a variety of criteria: tracking number, recipient, and date-to-date range.
  • Browser-based searches enable recipients to find instant answers to their delivery questions via company intranet.
  • Generates automatic e-mail notifications for any status: received, sorted, enroute, etc.

Makes Reporting Easy

  • Tracks delivery via a number of standard reports.
  • Quickly assesses workflow and measures productivity for increased efficiency.
  • Open Database Architecture lets users generate reports based upon specific needs.

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