AssetMate for Tracking Item Location and Description

AssetMate can be used to track assets in every type of organization. Scan a location code, scan the asset bar code, and Checkmate knows where the asset is located. And so do you.


AssetMate uses your Laserjet printer to generate bar coded menus of descriptive information. Then using your portable bar code reader, you can build your asset database while taking your initial inventory.


  • Data collection processes
    Initial inventory - track location and description of new assets
  • Periodic inventory - track location of already existing assets
  • Discrepancy reporting
  • Complete audit trail
  • Track maintenance contracts and vendors
  • Multiple key cross reference
  • Query by any data field
  • Condition coding
  • Take your database with you in a portable data collection unit and check discrepancies onsite during an inventory.
  • Licenses available from single PC user to unlimited PC and portable users.

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