As a 3PL, your operations are expected to be even more efficient than those of your customers. In addition, each of your customers has unique requirements, and they demand that you conform to their way of doing business. Meeting this challenge becomes increasingly difficult as you scale your business to keep up with a growing customer base.


Proper picking and put-away of customer items, compliance labeling, tracking of inventory levels, expired date control, QC procedures, controlling item locations, managing vendors and customers, and calculating accurate billing information are all crucial to the survival and success of Third Party Logistics providers. In addition, how do you communicate all of this data to and from the vendor? The answer is ASCWMS-3PL/Public from MRA.


Internet eBusiness Module


ASCWMS-3PL/Public is the right solution for warehouse fulfillment operations and managing your distribution centers (or multi-warehouses.) Itís a Tier One Solution -- with the level of application functionality and power that the largest corporations rely on to manage their operations.


Automated EDI, XML, and ASCII file options are available for communications to the outside world, as well as built-in automated email functions. There is a fully integrated Parcel Shipping option that accommodates popular shippers and options like UPS, FedEx, Airborne, USPS, LTL, etc., as well as packout verification.


The Internet eBusiness Module compliments the package as the best Supplier Managed Inventory (SMI) interface you can get and is voted the number one value option by our 3PL clients.


3PL/Public Storage & Handling Module

To automate billing administration and collection of all warehouse activities, the 3PL/Public Storage & Handling Module automates these typically tedious and labor intensive processes, dramatically reducing administrative costs and driving inefficiencies out of the operation.

At the end of each billing period, storage and/or handling fees can be automatically calculated and presented to either your existing invoicing system, or the optional Invoicing Module.


Either way, your customers are provided with detailed information about everything that has transpired with their inventory during the billing period. Weights handled, pallets received, storage space held, products shipped, items moved, and much more are all billable entities and can be calculated based on the rates you establish for each customer. Tariff "groups" allow you to bill "like customers" at the same rate without re-keying repetitive information.


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